Why Costa Rica is the perfect place to retire?

Retire in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has the perfect climate, inexpensive living and the stable democratic government. It is the third country in the world by the number of U.S. retirees living in, after Mexico and Canada. Why such a tiny country holds a third position? Because of low crime rate, great healthcare, cheap cost of living, beautiful tropical climate and reasonable house prices. And, very importantly, you do not have to pay tax on your retirement income!

If you are over 45, it is very easy to qualify for Costa Rican government retirement program. If you have any questions about retiring in Costa Rica, please call us now toll-free 1-877-283-9759, our office hours are 9am to 5pm ET, or contact us via this online form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Per capita, there are more people from U.S. living in Costa Rica than in any other country in the world. Oh, and I forgot to mention – we have no military here. 25% of the GDP comes from the Intel chip-making plant in suburbs of San Jose. Costa Rica does not need a military, if anybody attacks it, you know who would come to defend it? Right, big brother from the north.

Temprature in Central Valley is 78.8°Fahrenheit (26°Celsius) during the day and 62.6°Fahrenheit (17°Celsius) at night on average with +/-12°F (+/-5°C) degrees variation throughout the year.

There are two pronounced seasons in Costa Rica: dry – December to May, and rainy – June to November. Raining is usually a quick tropical shower in the afternoon that makes evenings feel clean and fresh. Because Central Valley is elevated 3000 feet (~1km) and more above the sea level, there are not many insects, notably flies and mosquitoes. One and a half hour drive will get you to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We recommend for retirees with medical needs to choose Central Valley because of good quality of medical service and best climate.

Few years ago National Geographic named a small city Atenas, which is located fifteen miles away from the capital San Jose in the Central Valley, “the most perfect climate in the world”.

If you prefer hotter climate, you might want to consider the northern province of Guanacaste, which has the best beaches in Costa Rica. Landscape is flat, with small hills by the ocean. With only few hundred feet above the sea level, Guanacaste is much more dry and hot than Central Valley. With average tempratures during the day in the nineties (~33°C) and 300+ sunny days a year, it is perfect for those who like to spend their time under the sun. With its own international airport and first class medical facilities, Guanacaste is a perfect choice for beach loving, slowpace living type of people. If your passions include deep sea fishing, surfing, windsurfing or any othe activities related to sea and sun – Guanacaste is for you.

If you like a lot of vegetation, the South Pacific region of Costa Rica is the green paradise. With new international airport in works near Puerto Cortez, this part of country is becoming more and more attractive to retires. Comparing this region to Guanacaste, it is a lot less developed but it is a lot cheaper to buy land also. One of the biggest national parks on peninsula Osa is gorgeous.

Costa Rica has something for everybody and you can find Caribbean culture and lifestyle on the other side of the central mountain ridge in the province of Limon.

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