TarponFishingThis is the king of all game fish, and no emotion to compare with fishing hook a tarpon. Set the hook hard when they hit, then see the water erupting as they head into the stratosphere, turning and jumping out of the water eight or twelve times! The average size of shad caught in the Rio Colorado Lodge is about 80 pounds and 207 pounds of fish were brought to the gaff.

You can expect to spend eight or ten fish per day, and when things are hot, fishermen often jump 25 or more in a day of tarpon fishing. Only artificial lures are used, and all fish lips are rigged so they can be released after the shooting.
Most of the action will take in the calm waters of lakes and rivers in the jungle, with light monkeys and colorful birds to be seen on the vines and branches of trees covered with green orchids, along the coast.

When the fish are on the outside, your guide often puts you in the middle of a school of hundreds of fish jumping covers one hectare or more calm sea. Rio Colorado Lodge in Costa Rica Friendly

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