Roosterfish (Pez Gallo)


Pez Gallo Coast prices are game fish in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. They are easily recognizable as a bright silver fish with iridescent black stripes and wipe down the back of a very distinctive fan and back in time with 7 streaming rays.

RoosterFishingDepending on where the fish are averaging 20 to 50 pounds and 80 pounds are common, and occasionally more. The world record is 114, and it is believed that there are potential bantamweight world records waiting to be taken here.

Roosters live rocky points, ledges, pinnacles and near the shore and often found on beaches and river mouths with lots of bait. They preadators ambush and often can be found in the current tearing the sides of the structure.

Roosterfish easily eat pretty, blue runners, glasses, mullet, herring, sardines, and attack and controlled water Rapalas best poppers. They are a very strong and tough fighter. So be prepared, is a fish that does not like to go! Roosters small and medium (up to 30 pounds) during the jump when hooked.

Often begin to fight harder when you think you’ve beaten almost to the boat. They run hard and deep, again and again, shaking his head to try to dislodge the hook. It is not uncommon to fight a big cock for 30-45 minutes or more.

Roosterfish are family decisions crevelles eyes of horses and amber jack, and are not considered a good diet. They are at the base of catch and release only.

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