Enjoy the nightlife, shopping, dining and fun to be had in the city of Jaco and walking distance to everything!!!

Down to fish Costa Rica, there are many great options for housing. For the more adventurous, check the big fish fishing camps number Personally, I recommend without hesitation. For his time in San Jose, I can configure with any home-like accommodation for hotel rooms for adults only. There are other places in the north, the fishing villages in the south and a little of everything in the central Pacific.

No doubt Jaco is one of the most popular destinations on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Hotel Cocal & Casino and adjacent Mar Vista Condominiums offer one of the best places to accommodate groups of all sizes and different budget. This hotel on the seafront and Jaco condo is located in the middle of the beach, in the most developed city in Costa Rica.

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Hotel Cocal offers single, clean and well furnished double, while luxury condominiums Vista Mar 3 bedrooms 3 bath units with two penthouse suites offer well designed and equipped with 5 bedrooms and 5 bath units for larger groups or those seeking a bit more space. 3 pools between the two properties, Vista Mar offers a private pool with access to Hotel Cocal and two large pools located just off the beach in a outdoor space nicely designed with a fully stocked bar.

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Hotel Cocal Jaco offers one of the best casinos in Jaco and true to his style of Las Vegas, the drinks were compensated for players. With lots of stylish and fun slot machines and table games for everyone, Costa Rica Casino is ready to play. Also inside the Hotel Cocal is a great restaurant next to the sea. With its international and local menu, everyone can find a ticket to suit your taste. From this location on the waterfront in the center of town, you and your guests can enjoy the sun and surf in one of the most famous beaches in Costa Rica or easily go for shopping and sites in Jaco.

Having been around Jaco and Dreams for so many years, we look at the hotels and the service and facilities, and meanwhile, Hotel Cocal Jaco and Vista Luxury Condominiums to open in March and maintained a high level of quality and now it’s like it’s always been one of the best resorts on the seafront of this region has to offer.

We are proud to support our field operations of this beautiful tourist destination. As such, we also associated with these properties to offer deals and packages that include accommodation, exclusive fishing, and most of the other great things you want to enjoy during your vacation in Costa Rica.

Hotel Cocal & Casino offers great nightlife; Party in the main pool as the sun begins to fall every day. With ample space for everyone, you can relax and enjoy a quiet evening or go out and mingle with other guests and locals who are willing to talk, drink, dance and have a good time.

If you have already booked your accommodation with direct Cocal or Vista Mar, but plan to do some fishing or enjoy excursions and events, please contact us for a good deal and a little inside information for better ways to make your stay everything Jaco (and that means all) want to experience during the visit.

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