Costa Rica Fishing Charters

All our vessels fishing in Costa Rica have been tested and given the seal of approval from Dan Ross. There are many considerations to take into account when matching clients to charter boat fishing rights, and understanding of this consideration is the difference between having and not branched, and no landing hook. The captain, crew, tac and type of boat to be taken into account. The type of helmet you’re looking for fish near the ocean, everything must be understood.

Costa Rica is one of the best fishing on the planet and our fishing boats in Costa Rica and captains put you on the fish! Below are some of the Costa Rica sport fishing boats we work with.

lets talk about what you need for your fishing adventure.


A list of  Some Fishing Charters in Los Suenos Marina

Here is Our Fleet of Costa Rica Fishing Charters:

22′ Bull Shark Tortugaro

27 Panga Jaco

26′ Panga Jaco

28′ Fish Nautique Jaco

27′ Mako Los Suenos

28-Panga Quepos

28′ Boat Quepos

28′ Bertram Los Suenos 

28′ Shamrock Los Suenos

30′ Super Center Console Jaco

31 Bertram Golfito

31 Bertram Golfito 

31 Palm beach Quepos

31 Palm beach Quepos

31 Gamefisher Quepos

31 Gamefisher Quepos 

31’ Bertram Los Suenos

32 Maverich Los Suenos

32 Maverich Los Suenos

32′ Custom Quepos

32’ Luhr’s Los Suenos

33′ LH Los Suenos

33 Bertram Jaco

33 Bertram Jaco

34′ Topaz Los Suenos 

34′ Blackfin Los Suenos

35 Quepos Express

35′ Quepos Express

35′ Cabo Drake Bay

36′ Sunny Briggs 

36′ Hatteras Los Suenos 

36′ Topaz Los Suenos

36′ Topaz Tamarindo

36′ Marcam Los Suenos

37′ Merritt Golfito

37′ Carolina Custom Los Suenos

41′ Viking Quepos

42′ Maverick Los Suenos

43′ Maverick Los Suenos

43′ Maverick Los Suenos

43' maverick boat Los Suenos

43′ maverick boat Los Suenos

43′ Maverick Los Suenos

43′ Maverick Los Suenos

43′ Maverick Quepos

43′ Maverick Quepos

46' Omni Tillet

46′ Omni Tillet Jaco

48' Ocean Yacht

48′ Yachts Los Suenos

52′ Hatteras Los Suenos

52' Maverick

52′ Maverick Los Suenos

52 Party Boat Jaco

52 Party Boat Jaco

55′ Hatteras Jaco

57 Spencer Gofito

57 Spencer Quepos

60' Viking

60′ Viking Jaco







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