Flights and business executives in Costa Rica

Tell us where and when you want to fly 24 hours a day every day of the year at your service, it may be appropriate, because in the world of business execution decisions can not be delayed.

In business, “time” is essential and will provide through our excellent service aircraft management, no lines, no delays, no excuses, there will always be a time when you have to go with confidence and speed.

A plane or helicopter company brings to the company a strategic value that, unlike its competitors. It is an increasingly common practice in the business world, where things can not wait.

Domestic and international flights

Our company is in the ability to provide secure and private and flexible transport to more than 50 destinations in Costa Rica, with this not only transfers to the celestial regions that domestic airlines have guaranteed access. In addition, at times when you will not find on domestic flights and where you can only travel by air taxi.

Costa Rica Airplane CharterWe also have comfortable aircraft which can make international travel to destinations in Central America and the Caribbean. Without the hassle of arriving 3 hours before a congested airport by people without having to worry about your flight is oversold comericial. Traveling with us, all you have to worry about is the time you want to travel.

Filming and aerial photography
Helicopters allow filming and photography shoots in places difficult to access. And it allows filming documentaries, sports competitions, etc. It is held massive events

Various types of cameras can be installed outside the helicopter, so no need to remove the door and operator, occupants and the driver has a sterile environment, however, you can remove the doors for the client, which does not affect flight safety.

We have extensive experience in this type of transaction and we shot the big chains and foreign documentaries.

Aerial reconnaissance of propertyCosta Rica Helicopter Charter

A real estate investment must be analyzed, we mean that it is not only the price that matters, but the area where the property and the best way to analyze this factor is air found.

Thus, in one of our planes, which fly to the desired property, and can fly, shoot and decide if this property is that you or your customers need for your project.

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