Central Pacific Fishing Puntarenas, Quepos, Herradura

Quepos is the major sportfishing center in the central coast, but there are charters available out of Puntarenas and Herradura. The Los Sueños Marina and Yacht Club in Herradura offers the best facilities offering a world-class commercial and pleasure boating facilities and services. This fully engineered breakwater and marina is a Port of Entry into Costa Rica.

Central Pacific FishingBillfish is the major attraction for visiting anglers.  Inshore sport includes tuna, roosterfish, wahoo, dorado, jacks, mackerel, snapper and even snook. The snook can be taken trolling just outside the breaker line of the river months in the area, but are more often fished from shore.


Marlin: October is normally the top month for marlin in this area, but action is also good in September and November and occasional blues and rare blacks are likely to be found anytime of year although they are usually out further than the boats hunting for sailfish are likely to be fishing.

Sailfish: Middle of December to end of April when they begin moving north is rated the best season, but the big schools often move in about October and occasionally stay longer. A few sails always show among the catch from June through September, mixed with the other species that are found inshore during those months.

Tuna: Found throughout the year as they are all along the Pacific coast, but most abundant from about June through September. Most are the eight to 12 pounders, but a dozen or more over 200 pounds and maybe another two dozen in the 100 to 200 pound range are taken every year.

Wahoo: Not common in this area around Quepos but more abundant in the late summer further south, especially the Drake Bay and Caño Island area from late June to early August.

Dorado: Best action begins with the winter rains that start in late and wash debris from the river mouths creating the inshore trash lines that the dolphin favor.

Roosterfish: Fishing for this hard-hitting inshore species is incredible, with the best spots off the river mouths and the rocky drop-offs. Favored spots are the mouth of Parrita; Palo Seco between Parrita and Damas; off the mouth of Naranjo River; around the points at Dominical and throughout the Drake Bay and Caño Island area. Best fishing is from June through early September.

Snook: Favored spots are just off the many river mouths all along the coast, up the Sierpe river and the big lagoon on the Sierpe. The IGFA world record pacific black snook was taken in the month of July at the mouth of Naranjo River on a boat trolling just outside the breaker line. This is a relatively new target for some small charter boats, but the best months seem to be from July through November during the heavy rainy season.

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